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The Teacher Within

Tonight and tomorrow is what is known as Guru Purnima which is a special time in the Vedic tradition in which we honor our teachers. If you have a specific Guru, which translantes to “remover of darkness,” in your life, as in an enlightened being who you go to for spiritual guidance, then today is the day you honor that person. However, it is also the day to honor that divine teacher that shows up literally everywhere. It lives in you and outside of you. If you look for it, you will see it in the flat tire that was put in your way in order to help you grow, you’ll see it in the grumpy neighbor that inspires you to reach out and be kind in spite of his mood, and also in your inner voice that tells you it will be alright when you needed to get the kids to school ten minutes ago and they aren’t even out of their pajamas.

When you are able to perceive the divine teacher that lives in all people and all circumstances, it completely revolutionizes your perspective. It makes everything an opportunity for growth, nothing is in vain. There are no setbacks from this view. You start to frame everything as One thing, that thing is you and it is all conspiring for your evolution, happiness and expansion.

Often you will hear people who come from this tradition say the words, “Jai Guru Deva.” It does reference the teacher in our lineage, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, who is also known as Guru Dev, but it also is meant to acknowledge the divine teacher within. When you hear someone say that, they are giving a nod to that aspect of self, telling it, “I see you, and I’m grateful.” I say in constantly in my head in order to reflect back to it my appreciation. Everything in nature is reciprocal, it’s all boomeranging back and forth, so what you give, you will also receive.

You may have heard on Guru Purnima that you can ask for a boon or a wish, but not just any wish, a wish that is beneficial to you personally and to as many others as possible. A wish with reach. This is putting that giving and receiving principle into play. If we wish for something good for ourselves it should be for the benefit of all beings as well as they are not separate.

So, if you have a minute tonight, step out into the moonlight which is the closest thing in the relative to pure consciousness. Think of all the teachers of your life who have led you to where you are now and let humbleness fill your being. Then release a wish into the cosmos that will help you best play your role in the evolution of all things. If you do this with your whole heart, you’ll find whether the wish ever comes true or not, you’ll be instantly uplifted anyway.



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