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Welcome to the worldwide Vedic Meditation community and the localized community of the Vedic Method.

It's interesting how a practice by which its very nature is solitary attracts so many fun and social people. Once you become a Vedic Meditator, a whole worldwide network of instructors and meditators is available to you.


For those who like more to stay close to home, The Vedic Method community is a close group based in Marin with our own local events, group meditations, and retreats.  

To reiterate, when you have completed your course, you are welcome to attend all my group meditations and those of my fellow Vedic Meditation teachers. If in the future you want to refresh your practice, you may attend my courses or those of my colleagues again free of charge. 


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Hunter Cressman

The Modern Mind

Hunter was born and raised in Marin County. Although he lives in NYC, he comes back multiple times a year to teach in Mill Valley. 

Click here for his website. 

James Brown

Vedic Path Meditation

James is a former creative director– now well-known meditation teacher–based in San Francisco, though he travels often.

Click here for his website. 

Shannon O'Bryan

Heart Without Borders

In addition to teaching Vedic Meditation, Shannon is a trained stage performer and a new mom. She is based in Sonoma, CA.

Click here for her website. 

I am so grateful to have such wonderful colleagues in the Bay Area. As a Vedic Meditator, you are welcome to go to any of their group meditations, or sit in on one of their Intro Courses. 
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