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On Setting Intentions

During the Holiday Group Meditation at my house before Christmas, there was a question about setting intentions and resolutions, so for those folks who attended, this will be a bit of a repeat. Given it is New Years Day today, the topic seems timely. This time of year many of us find ourselves reviewing the past and setting intentions to reach new goals these next twelve months. Intention according to the Vedas is very powerful, and even more powerful if you're a meditator. We live in a quantum universe, which means everything is here because of intention. When the greater consciousness field intends or expects something, it manifests. As we meditate, our individual consciousness takes up more and more real estate of that greater consciousness field, so our intentions have more power. Our intentions are more aligned with nature so they have more support of nature. Rigid attachment to a resolution or intention, however, is not advisable. The trick is to get quiet and hear the intentions of our intuition in the present moment and set them from there rather than letting our intellect force following through on intentions that are no longer relevant or do little to help the evolution of the self or others. And if the intuition shifts, then to let go of those expectations and listen again.



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