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It's All Energy


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

-Nikola Tesla


At the risk of sounding a little woo woo, I’m going to talk a little about energy today. Everything in nature is a giant symphony of vibrations of consciousness. Those vibrations are made from the Self ignoring different aspects of the Self. Similar to how the 1s and 0s in binary code can make any program in a computer, the on and off of awareness creates subtle and gross form. Or like how a song is created from some notes on a keyboard being pressed while some are not. And according to the Vedas, everything that is first created, in its subtlest form, makes a sound. I love watching these videos of sand on metal plates making patterns through different notes, we can literally see sound creating form. And when quantum physicists look at the tiniest of tiny particles, what they see is that particles are simply globular shaped waves of energy.

This is all fascinating theory, but how do we make it practical? Well, we can start by recognizing that our senses are tuned to receiving these vibrations and that while most people are only taking in the grossest, most surface vibrations, we have the ability to perceive more subtle layers. Our meditation practice enhances the refinement of our perception so we can take in more data, it does this by our awareness going through those subtle layers over and over during the practice. And with this refined perception, we can make decisions in a more intuitive fashion. Say for example, you’re on a job interview, and everything is checking all the boxes, this should be the perfect position, but something feels off. This is important information that if we don’t trust, we may end up taking a wrong turn.

We all are just a bundle of vibrations, and some people and situations will resonate with us and others just won’t. It’s like we all have our own song being played that creates the form of us and some songs harmonize better than others. For those of us who are stressed, it’s a bit like instead of a song, we’re slamming our hands on the keyboard. There won’t be much that makes a nice harmony with that kind of consciousness state.


It’s not a question of just moving in the direction of resonance though. There are times when I meet with someone who I don’t feel a lot of compatibility, but it challenges me to get bigger so I can also feel a unity wave with that person. Meditation not only makes our bundle of vibrations a more beautiful song, but it makes it more of a symphony, so we can find resonance with more and more people and situations.

It's not just our physical form, but our storyline is also a sequence. You can think of it as, no matter what is going on on the surface, people have their operas playing out underneath. What is the real story, the story under the story? When you can perceive that, you really get a sense of the big picture. For example, someone may seem to be looking to get book published but really they are playing out the opera of, “My mother didn’t show me affection so I am looking for validation from the outside.” As our awareness begins to expand in meditation, the plot of our opera changes. Instead of a small storyline of always feeling victimized or one of revenge, it becomes a grand story of your personal role uplifting the whole creation.

It can be an interesting exercise to see to what extent you can have your awareness in these different layers at once. And practice giving credence to your gut when you feel something clicks or something feels a little off. You may find that the intellect starts to take a backseat to your fine level of feeling, and you feel more in tune with everyone and everything.





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