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The Life Studio

It's amazing how sometimes the Universe can just come through in ways you could never expect. This is what I thought when Colleen Lindstrom of The Life Studio in Sausalito offered to open her space to us. It provides a sense of calm the moment you walk through the door. Large enough to accommodate a sizable event, but small enough to be intimate for courses, it could not be a more perfect locale to support The Vedic Method community.

If you've never met Colleen, she's not only an incredibly talented chiropractor and cranial sacral therapist, she's also a beautiful soul with a very big heart. I first met Colleen two and a half years ago when I was having trouble with my second pregnancy. My baby was breech, and soon if she didn't turn on her own, she and I would require medical intervention. Colleen worked her magic and after one session, the baby turned. When that same baby was born and couldn't nurse, Colleen's gentle adjustments got her latching within hours. Since then, I've enjoyed bringing my whole family to her for our collective wellness.

I am honored to be able to welcome you to this lovely space and hope to see you soon at one of our events!


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