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The Unknown is the Safest Place

This morning I brought my daughter to the grocery store for breakfast and sat across from a young woman who has just moved here with no job, no friends and no idea what she wants to do. Without thinking I shook her hand in admiration. Despite her deer in the headlights look, she is incredibly brave. And wise. Most live the ever-repeating known regardless of whether or not it feels relevant in order to feel "safe." This kind of "safety" comes in many forms. Some stay in a job that they hate because they fear not being able to adapt if they quit, some stay in a relationship that's long past its expiration date because they're afraid to be on their own, some hoard money and things as a way to protect themselves from their feelings of insecurity. These situations may seem like "security" when they in fact reflect stagnation. Stagnation happens when a change is required for evolution to occur, and that change is resisted. The longer the resistance, the more stagnation that builds up. The greater the stagnation, the more powerful the destruction that comes in order to let evolution flow once again. After destruction, there is room again for creation. Being at the cusp of the unknown lands you at the creation part of the creation cycle. Rather than reverting to the old patterns of the ever-repeating known, you are able to listen instead to your intuition and make it up as you go, creating your path. Think back on your life. Do you find the times when you were most in the unknown are some of your fondest memories? The days when I was working a job I didn't like, I can hardly even remember them. It can be scary to step into the unknown, of course, but remember, that fear is simply 'excitement' from another perspective.



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