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Succession is the True Meaning of Success

We often think of success in terms of a destination, a mythical place past an invented finish line. We imagine if we can just get "there" we'd be happy, whether "there" means being published, or getting a promotion, or finding a partner, or finally getting the garage cleaned out. However, success is not a static place, in fact it is the opposite. Success simply refers to succession, one phase leading into the next. A succession of progressive change. Even as I type this, I feel a bit exhausted writing it. Part of me wants there to be a line over which I can cross and just relax in a state of blissful success. A point at which I can say, "I made it" and then just enjoy the fruits of my previous work. But when I think back to every time I reached a major goal, I have to be honest that there was only a short period of satisfaction with my achievement before the mind was on its search once again for greater happiness. So, then, what does success look like? When we meditate, we gain access to that bigger part of us that is connected to everything else from where we can hear our intuition. By following that inner voice, we are guided to successive action after action that is in the interest of realizing greater unity within oneself and creating unity with others. In meditation, we find happiness and fulfillment within ourselves regardless of outside circumstances, then use our actions to bring that fulfillment to our friends, family and everyone with whom we come in contact. This may not seem as glamorous as the picture many have in their heads of a successful life, but even the Garden of Eden would be boring after a while without progressive change. And there is something optimistic about thinking of success not as an ending, but as endless new beginnings.



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