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All You Need Is Love

In the current collective climate of anger and division, no statement is more true. In the Universe, whatever is happening in the macro is also happening in the micro, so while there is unrest in our political system, it reflects the irritation going on in many people's personal lives. This time of year, in particular, can be incredibly stressful, so it's even more important to remember to lead with love. What is probably the most powerful benefit of meditation is that it increases our ability to love. Love is seeing the self in another, finding that place of oneness we find in ourselves when meditating in another, finding points of unity. When we meditate, we repeatedly go to that place within ourselves that is also everything else, so when we come out of meditation we see that self unbounded in everything. It allows us to feel love not just for our close family members but for everyone. And lets us have more compassion for both strangers as well as partners, children and those closest to us. When you perceive your self as being more and more outsides the bounds of just your body, love increases and you slowly release yourself from fear. Fear requires a sense of "other" and when all you see are points of unity, there is little of which to be afraid. You see this in our culture, those who live in fear see "other" in those of a different religion, race, gender, just about anyone who isn't just like them, and even that can erode. Meditation also teaches us that fulfillment comes from within as opposed to coming from outside achievements, acquisitions and relationships. Rather than walking around with a big bag of need asking for someone to fill it up, or "complete us" as Jerry Maguire would say, we come into the relationship with a bag of joy and rainbows to give. The point of a relationship becomes to love the other person, not to expect fulfillment from them. While meditation increases one's capacity to love, love is a practice all its own. Before acting or speaking, find the unity first, even in confrontations (especially in confrontations), and see what happens. When you look at someone with love, you are looking through the eyes of your biggest Self.



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