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The "Bad Enough Point"

It's often stated that the only constant is change. Yet change is something that we tend to resist even if it means ignoring the signs when it is needed. According to Vedic philosophy, everything is at some point in the creation cycle which is the mechanics of evolution. Creation leads to Maintenance, which then stagnates ushering in Destruction which clears the path for Creation. Usually, we will make changes to our lives to encourage the evolution of ourselves and others, but it involves what I call getting to the "bad enough point." The "bad enough point" is that moment in which the pressure of stagnation has built up enough or enough destruction has already occurred to push us into the creation phase of the cycle. This moment is different for everyone. For some, all they need is the subtle indication from their intuition that the relationship they're in needs to end, or their job is no longer relevant, or their midnight pint of ice cream habit should probably stop. They will then make the change and there will be little or no fall out from the decision. Then there are those who continue to ignore the signs even though it's clear the longer they keep ignoring the worse things are going to get. I have someone close to me who has had heart attacks and other serious health scares, but the "bad enough point" has not been reached and he still won't exercise and eats a whole pack of bacon in one sitting. I worry about how much things need to escalate before that point is reached. This is also true in a grander scale. For example, fossil fuels are still relatively cheap and easy to get, so the "bad enough point" has not really hit for the majority of people to make the change to other sustainable sources of fuel. In our own lives, we can scan for where there is stagnation. Ask yourself, where are you ignoring that which is no longer relevant? Once recognized, make the change now and it will likely prevent that change coming later only with a bigger punch. Meditation helps by really becoming attuned to your inner voice which will tell you very early on that which has become irrelevant and therefore where change is needed. This topic is personal to me because it is usually after experiencing a "bad enough point" that students find me. It is when they have reached a place in their lives in which they don't just want a surface change, but a serious shift to a life not ruled by stress, but full of joy and fulfillment. This strong desire for change is from where their commitment to the practice comes. It is such a beautiful process and I feel humbled that I get to witness it in so many.



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