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Mechanics of Manifestation


“Manifestation”–it’s one of those trending words that irks me a little bit because it is so overused and misunderstood. “Mindfulness” is another one, but I’ll leave that for another post. To most people, manifestation means that if we can just imagine ourselves getting that promotion, living in a big house, going on a shopping spree, hard enough, it will happen. There is so much more to it than that. Some define manifesting as consciously creating the life you want. I’d take it further to say manifesting is connecting to your soul to create a life on a mission in service to the evolution of yourself and others. It’s not nearly as catchy, but takes a less self-centered perspective. This is a very complicated subject, so I will try to distill it as best I can below. What is Manifestation? You’ve probably heard of the Universal Field, which essentially boils down to all forms and phenomena being variations of the same thing. They are all shaped consciousness. How does something as intangible as “consciousness,” become a thing, or in other words, manifest? We live in a Quantum Universe, which means everything is here due to an expectation within that Universal Consciousness Field. The greater consciousness purposefully forgets its Oneness in order to create two and interact with itself. The moment you have two, you have sequence and therefore Space (distance between two points) and Time (measurement to sequence two events). That field is constantly fed impulses from within itself that then are revealed on the most physical layer. Get grounded in Being: Some of those impulses from within the consciousness field can come from us, these little points within this larger whole. Our ability to manifest works to the extent that our consciousness is grounded in Being. What that means is, if your awareness is only in the tiny wave of your individual mind, you will have the manifestation power of a single wave of the ocean. However, when we meditate, our awareness marinates in the entire ocean so that even when we are in the waking state, our consciousness takes up much more real estate. That bigger consciousness wields much greater creation power. So, when manifestation coaches tell you that where your attention goes, grows, this is absolutely true. If you put your attention towards a promotion, it’s more likely to happen. But what is the size of that consciousness directing that attention is the real question. Let go of the ego: Manifestation for people often means, I want this thing for myself, and I’m going to imagine it’s already true to make it happen. If the root of the motivation for what you want to create for yourself is for some ego-driven purpose, it is likely because it is the wave wanting this thing, not the ocean. If you want to publish a novel because you want the status of being published, this is likely coming from the wave of self. If you feel an intuitive impulse within yourself to write a book because it’s going to help others, this is more likely from the ocean of Self. To someone who has meditated a long time and hardly identifies with their ego anymore, they don’t manifest because they want to create for themselves, they listen to the directions from the inner voice and carry them out in service of themselves and others. Because what they want to manifest is coming from that larger part of themselves, there is a lot of support of nature behind these goals and they seem to “magically” happen. Get clear on what you want to manifest: The Cosmic Waitress can’t get your order right if you’re not clear in what you want to happen. But we also need a way of making sure our orders are relevant, not simply specific. If the order is coming from the ego, it is likely something that is meant to ease some stress within. To use the book example, you might want to get published in order to ease some feelings of worthlessness. Because where we put our attention grows, you may publish that book, but it would not really help you or anyone else, the feelings of worthlessness would remain. To get the order not only clear and specific but relevant, we must have a clear channel to our intuition which is from where the orders from the Big Self are coming. This is another area where meditation comes in. Clear away stagnation: In order to create, you must be in the creation part of Creation Cycle: Creation leads to Maintenance which eventually stagnates causing Destruction, which clears the way for Creation. One of the first steps to creating the life we were meant to lead is getting rid of what is holding us back. Stress-induced behaviors, attention-greedy people, irrelevant objects, self-sabotaging beliefs are all examples of what can be like ice on the wings of your plane. What false scripts are you repeating in your mind that are limiting yourself? Here’s some examples, “I’m an emotional eater, I have to do everything myself if it’s going to be right, I need everyone to like me, I’m too busy to have time to meditate.” I’m working on, “I have three kids so can’t keep the house clean.” By believing these things in our mind, we print out the product of those beliefs over and over again. Trust the non-linear path: Some people confuse manifestation with becoming a control freak. They think they can control the outcomes in their future simply by focusing their attention. But manifestation is the product of your individual consciousness co-creating with your larger consciousness. Sometimes, the timing isn’t what we think we’d like. Sometimes, our larger Self offers up something far bigger and greater than we could have come up with ourselves. If something you’re trying to manifest doesn’t come through, trust that this is not one of your stepping stones and that another, more appropriate stepping stone is on its way.

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