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Let It Go, Let It Go

I’m sorry for anyone who now has the Frozen theme in their heads, but it makes a good mantra for this time of year. Spring is when nature is moving into creation mode, and creation always means the removal of what has become irrelevant. In order to align ourselves with what nature is already doing, it’s not a bad idea to examine what it is in our own lives that has stayed past its expiration date.

We tend to think of spring as the time to do “spring cleaning” as in getting rid of stuff, but it’s not just our houses that could use an overhaul. I’ve outlined a few areas in which stagnation can crop up to help in your assessment.

Relationships–This is a tricky one as it can be hard to admit when a friendship or other relationship just isn’t working for us anymore. I could write a book on just this subject, but here’s just a few things to think about with this one.

  • Usually, if we’re feeling some stagnation, it’s not the whole relationship that has become irrelevant and needs to be let go, it’s a style of relating within the relationship that needs to change

  • If we try to force a relationship that we know in our hearts is over, it will still likely come to an end eventually, only it will get more uncomfortable and rockier when that end comes

  • Just because a relationship is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean it never had value. Things are relevant for a time, and then if they become no longer relevant, it doesn’t mean it was never relevant

Habits–More than anything, our habits cause use to get in our own way. What we’ve engrained can be tough to change even when it’s clearly not working for us. To let go of habits, it requires laying down a new habit, a little bit at a time. Here’s some common habits that could use letting go:

  • Start to notice your habits of thinking. Do you find yourself in the habit of thinking badly about yourself, or perhaps overthinking situations, or worrying excessively? Start witnessing your thoughts and when you feel your mind going down one of those familiar roads, stop it in its tracks and give it something else to occupy itself.

  • Habits of stress coping are so varied, from looking at your phone every few minutes, to smoking, to picking your fingernails. To walk away from these habits, their root cause, the stress, must be dealt with. (I have some ideas on how to help with that J).

The Body–Our bodies are carrying all kinds of toxins and undigested material that is eroding our health and our experience. Especially this time of year when we naturally want to move out winter weight gain and excess mucous, it’s a good time to free up your physiology.

  • Doing a gentle cleanse is a great way to get the body and mind feeling lighter and giving our being a experience of clarity. That’s why I picked this time of year for doing a community cleanse, which you can find out the details of HERE.

  • Any kind of movement is a great way to clear stagnation. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just get up for a walk.

  • The most common type of food stagnation is cause by overeating, especially anything gooey, overly sweet, rich or oily. Of course the culprit foods are almost always delicious: wheat, cheese, ice cream etc.. So if you’re feeling sluggish, it’s not that you have to completely eliminate these kinds of foods forever, but just try not to go to town.

Possessions–Okay, I know I just said we need to let go of more than just stuff, but that includes stuff. Everything you own is pulling on your awareness. A house full of items that are no longer useful will feel like kryptonite feels to Superman.

  • Remember the only thing we truly possess is life. Items that are enlivening that life can stay, if items are dragging on it, they should go.

  • Wherever there is space, creativity can move in. Remember, the value of the space something takes up is often more valuable than the possession.

  • Our present is always more valuable than remembering the past. It’s good to keep mementos so long as they are not infringing on your experience now.

Letting things, habits and especially people go can be incredibly challenging. However, by creating space in our lives, we make room for what is coming. Life wants to flow, and the more we go with that flow by letting go of what belongs in the past, the smoother the ride.


Last year, I got rid of about a quarter of what I owned and did a whole house clean out. This was my closet then. Let's just say it doesn't look like this now.


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