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Free Knowledge Series

To celebrate the launch of The Vedic Method, we will be hosting a Free Knowledge Series open to the greater Marin community. Join us at the Life Studio on three Wednesday evenings as we discuss different topics from the Vedic perspective.

The first night is all about creativity. Given my background in writing and art direction, creativity has always been a well-pondered subject. I always tried to control my creative process–to make it predictable, but it seemed the more I focused on controlling the process, the more difficult it became. After studying the Vedas, I realized creation is all around us. It is one of the most fundamental forces of nature, and once I learned how Creation works on that grand stage, I finally understood my own creative development.

The second night is on Love. They say all you need is love, but it seems the pursuit of this elusive goal of all goals causes a great deal of suffering and confusion. During our discussion, we will explore Love in its grandest sense–its purpose in the Universe and its purpose in your own life. You will come away with a completely different perspective on your personal relationships and knowledge to help support them.

Consciousness, transcendence, enlightenment–the world of meditation is full of these ten dollar words. These words make you feel like these concepts are unattainable, reserved only for people who wear only orange with shaved heads living high up in the Himalayas. On the last night of the Knowledge Series, we will break down and demystify these big concepts. Turns out they're not so unattainable at all.


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